Strategic Planning

A nation that creates opportunities for all people to thrive, builds strong, resilient communities, and ensures a more equitable society. The Mission of Community Action Partnership is to ensure all causes and conditions of poverty are effectively addressed and to strengthen, promote, represent, and serve the Community Action Network. The Values of Community Action Partnership are that we believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect and recognize that structural race, gender, and other inequities remain barriers that must be addressed. We believe that this nation has the capacity and moral obligation to ensure that no one is forced to endure the hardships of poverty. We believe that with hope, adequate resources and opportunities, everyone can reach their fullest potential, and we are committed to achieving that vision. We pledge ourselves to creating an environment that pursues innovation and excellence through multi-sector partnership and collaboration.

Dissemination of Information

SCACAP is responsible for the distribution of information publicly as well as privately with our networks. We are tasked with sharing tools and resources that help our communities and also educate our Community Action Agencies.

Advocacy/Education Outreach

SCACAP participates in the advocacy and educational outreach for individuals that are unable to advocate for themselves.

Statewide Programming

SCACAP ensures consistency in curriculum and outcomes throughout our community action network. These programs are developed and managed by a consortium of participating agencies, therefore consolidating the resources of our community partners to better serve the vulnerable population of South Carolina.

Public Policy Development

SCACAP focuses on the development of public policies that would help our partners and the communities in which we serve.

Partnership Development

SCACAP works to develop partnerships throughout the state to better serve our customers and our community action network.

Information & Referrals

SCACAP serves as a hub to distribute information to our community partners and our customers. We also assist our customers by making referrals to other organizations equipped to meet their individual needs.

Capacity Building

SCACAP helps individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to reach their full potential. It allows individuals and organizations to perform at an overall greater capacity.